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Tactique supports key players in the transportation security arena, providing innovative operations and policy solutions for global challenges, seeking to achieve all mission objectives while minimizing cost and maximizing returns.

By leveraging expertise in logistics, international law, security technologies, and threat assessment, we design and deliver unique programs to help our clients mitigate risk, streamline operational efficiency, and optimize supply chain solutions.


Company Info

Tactique LLC is registered in the USA and is an American owned company. We are subject to and compliant with US export control regulatons and comparable laws of other jurisdictions where we may operate.

DUNS Number: 080095905
Website: www.tactique.org
E-mail: ops@tactique.org


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  • Logistics

    Global FootprintUnconventional Consignments

    With experience planning and executing complex operations in austere and hostile environments, Tactique designs streamlined operating procedures and supply chain networks for our customers on land and at sea. With our own fleet of vehicles and merchant vessels under charter, we offer expeditious movement and accomodation of personnel, and delivery of equipment and petroleum products worldwide.

  • Compliance

    Solutions for Security Providers

    Designing tailor made compliance solutions for the often unorthodox needs of our clients. Tactique's consultants specialize in multi-jurisdictional compliance oversight, focusing on the maritime operating environment to ensure international, flag, coastal, and port state regulations are met and global industry standards are surpassed.

  • Policy and Expert Witness

    insight for Policy, Legal, and Insurance Professionals

    Offering our expertise to others in the global security communinty who can derive value from our background, Tactique is glad to support policy professionals, lawyers, and underwriters understand the complexities of the private security industry and appreciate the challenges faced in both the boardroom and the field.


  • Equipment Management

    Technical Security Solutions enhancing protection

    Tactique provides equipment management and training for cargo, vehicle, and passenger screening to enhance our clients’ toolbox of counter terrorism solutions. Tactique can deploy the most advanced Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) devices, trainers, and managers on a monthly basis to support prime contractors or transportation majors seeking to leverage ETD and narcotics screening to bolster their security posture and reduce their operating cost.

  • Threat and Vulnerability

    Assessments for Transportation and Energy Majors

    Providing threat and vulnerability assessments (TVAs) for existing and planned ports, airports, petroleum and product terminals, and other critial infrastructure worldwide. Our consultants support majors directly or as subcontractors to their existing security provider, combining in-situ vulnerability inspections with bespoke threat assessments to identify security deficiencies and make recommendations to enhance facility security posture.

  • Backoffice Functions

    Outsourcing and automation for industry leaders

    With more security companies entering the market each day, all going through the same motions as their predecessors and competitors, leaders can outsource backoffice functions to Tactique instead of establishing their own costly admin centers. We will handle processes such as company registrations, accounts, licensing, logistics, and legal, freeing up valuable time and resources for managers to focus on more pertinent areas of their business.

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Case Studies

What we've done.

Offshore Logistics

Tactique developed a proprietary supply chain solution for a major international shipowner whose vessels provide escort and security solutions in the Middle East and Africa. Our ability to provide regular services for their fleet including time-dependent resupply deliveries and high seas bunkering at sea along with agency and compliance support at regional ports ensured the operational fidelity of the client's continued offshore activities.

Equipment Repatriation

Tactique was asked to design and deliver a complex equipment repatriation project, moving restricted security equipment out of the Middle East and back to the EU in line with EU export control requirements. Our team successfully leveraged our maritime, ground, and aviation capabilities to collect and repatriate the equipment while simultaneously remaining in line with the import/export control licenses of five countries which had overlapping or concurrent jurisdiction.

Threat Assessment

The security provider for a major port authority asked Tactique to perform a threat and vunerability assessment (TVA) to identify gaps in security processes and make recommendations to mitigate risks to facility infrastructure. At the client's request, Team Tatique also assisted in establishing a security modernization plan-- setting security posture improvement goals and periodically undertaking independent audits to ensure satisfactory progression in line with a set security improvement timetable.

Trace Detection Deployment

A customer in South East Asia requested support from Tactique in implementing a trace detection program to screen mail, cargo, and aircraft for explosives and narcotics. Tactique coordinated a team of experts and technical equipment to deploy to the client's installation for an extended period to train local trace detection operators and manage the screening program.

Distance Learning

Tactique management was tasked by Lloyd's Maritime Academy to create a distance learning program titled "Certificate in International Maritime Codes and Conventions," a course on law of the sea and related maritime security and safety compliance. Our leadership prepared a comprehensive course naarative over 250 pages in length, and delivered the course repeatedly for the customer.

Backoffice Functions

A leading shipagent which also provides port security services in Africa decided to outsource significant backoffice functions to Tactique including corporate registration, licensing, global account opening and management, equipment finance, and acquisition of working capital for business development projects.


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